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looking up at a grey sky.

Jessica Beth
29 October
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little, lovely, bratty, wonderful, loving, sweet souled, hot blooded, sharp minded me. (when I can pull it all off)

80's, acid bath, agents of oblivion, alice in chains, american head charge, anahadonia, arm bands, arm warmers, art, back to the future, batman, batman returns, beetle juice, belts, black lights, blue black #3, bob ross, breakfast club, bruce lee, candle holders, candles, cartoon cake, cartoons, castles, celldweller, cheesecake, chinese food, circle of dust, coal chamber, collars, combat boots, comics, criss angel, crossbreed, danny elfman, danzig, dax riggs, depeche mode, disturbed, drawing, dreams, drowning pool, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, edward scissorhands, fire, fishnet, furniture, gargoyles, ghostbusters, giger, goth, gothic, grunge, guitar, halloween, imagination, industrial, jack off jill, jackie chan, jet li, keyboard, kidneythieves, knight rider, korn, kurt cobain, labrynth, labyrinth, lava lamps, leather, legend, lipstick, make up, mark ryden, metal, ministry, mirrors, monster magnet, motley crue, movies, mudvayne, music, night breed, nine inch nails, oil paint, olivia, painting, photography, picture frames, pizza, plastic, pleather, poetry, powerman 5000, pump up the volume, rain, rammstein, rasputina, rob zombie, robert smith, salvador dali, sculptures, sea food, seraphim shock, sevendust, silver, skindot, smashing pumpkins, snakeriver conspiracy, spiderman, static-x, switchblade symphony, system of a down, tapping the vein, techno, the cure, the dark crystal, the matrix, the nightmare before christmas, the simpsons, the tick, the union underground, tim burton, tool, toys, trent reznor, type o negative, velvet, vincent price, wax, web design, white zombie, winter, wolverine, writing